Monday, July 30, 2012

Our First Family Trip to the Beach!

The girls weren't too sure about the sand and water so the boys ventured out first!

Grandma trying to talk the girls into how fun the beach is!
(they weren't buying it... yet)

Abram loved the water as long as his feet didn't touch the bottom.  Sophia was TERRIFIED of the sand!

Getting brave, the wet sand didn't seem to bother her until a wave came in.

Still not really sure about the water but at least she was standing in the sand!

Getting warmed up with Grandma!

Tim came home with a sore back because he carried Soph around most of the day like this, she WOULD NOT let her feet touch the sand!

Skipping on the beach (after she tried to chase a seagull!)!  This picture is so Amelia!

No, Sophia was not sitting in the sand, that would have been a miracle, Grandma was pulling her on the boogie board!

Cooling off with mommy!

Rocker boy! Trying anything to keep him happy, after skipping both morning and afternoon nap he was pretty much falling about by the end of the day!

Swiping grandma's water!

Getting brave!  Right before we left he FINALLY put his hands and feet into the sand!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day to be at the beach!  My kids have unfortunately inherited their mommy's love-hate relationship with sand.  By the end Amelia was having a ball swimming and rolling in the sand, it took the other two a bit longer!  So thankful Grandma and Papa were with us, it was much easier to contain three littles with lots of extra hands!

STAY TUNED:  We start school on WEDNESDAY - the day after tomorrow!

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