Friday, September 17, 2010

So Long Summer!

As I've been starting to pack away the girls' summer clothes I cannot believe that fall is already here. I drove through today today to be greeted by pumpkins on door steps and leaves in the grass. Where did the time go?

Amelia is almost 2 (YIKES), only two more months. We decided to get her a bike for her birthday, a tricycle really. She can't quite reach the peddles yet but that hasn't stopped her from riding it all around the living room. We move it outside yesterday after several toes were run over. Our drive way has just the right slope to it to keep propell her all the way down to the end!

Sophia is already 6 months old and just this week has started to sit up on her own. She's eating like a cow right now. For breakfast she either has bananas or pears, and for lunch her new favorite is banana mixed with avocado (I know it sounds gross but it's actually quite tasty) and for dinner she LOVES squash and peas. So far she hasn't turned her nose up to anything so we'll see how long that goes.

I am currently getting ready for my first trip away from Tim and the girls. My mom, sister and I, along with 5000 other women are attending the True Woman Conference in Indianapolis this next weekend. I am beyond excited to have some girl time. Although I will most certainly miss my babies like crazy. They are in good hands. Tim will be home with them the whole time!

Well, my pictures uploader thing isn't working... so no pictures this time. Hopefully in the next day or two though!

Until next time...