Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Teaching Toddlers!

Mommy didn't do such a good job planning... this week we had a FAMILY trip to the dentist!  Tim and I both needed to be seen, as well as Amelia.  When I set up our appointments it just made sense to do it all at once.  WRONG!

For one, you cannot find a babysitter, during the summer, on a Monday morning, at 8am!
Secondly, when mom and dad are both busy getting their teeth cleaned, who is left watching the kiddos?

Needless to say it was an adventure (one that the kids handled surprisingly well)!  Between squeezing the double stroller and single stroller into the room and multiple potty breaks between cleanings it was quite the morning!

I am very proud of the kiddos, they played so quietly while we waited!

Abram didn't really want to play, he was more interested in what George Stefanopolis was saying!

Yes, that is a second stroller you see in the background!  We thought it would be easier if we strapped them in... unfortunately, since we're teaching Amelia how to buckle and unbuckle her younger siblings from their car seats (for future use), she can also unbuckle them (and herself) from the stroller!

It worked out rather well, Abram stayed buckled and the girls wandered back and forth between Tim's room and mine!  Thankfully 8am on a Monday morning isn't a real busy time at the dentists' office!

After Tim and I were done it was Amelia's turn!

"and how are you going to show the dentist your teeth?"

She did so good!  I was so proud of her for sitting still and holding her mouth open - not at all like her mom when I was little that's for sure! :)

I will say, she did great until the dentist came in wearing his mask and magnifying glasses, then, she had a mild freakout but was quickly reminded that only little girls who let the dentist count their teeth get to pick a prize from the treasure chest!

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Kelly Vruggink said...

Oh man! I can only imagine how overwhelming it would be at first but like you said, it looks like they managed just fine. :) Any cavities? ;) lol