Monday, April 4, 2011

Playing Catch Up... Yet Again!

I cannot believe I haven't updated since October... YIKES! A lot has happened in the Gates home since then. Let me see if I can hit some of the highlights.

Some things I don't have pictures of, like :
*Amelia is POTTY TRAINED! We did a three day bootcamp back in November and she did great!
*Sophia is DONE with bottles! And eating more table food than Amelia at most meals!

Christmas morning, snuggling with the blanket Grandma made for Sophia! This was a really special Christmas, not only was it Sophia's first one, but we were able to celebrate with extended family. My aunt and her family recently moved to the area, so along with my siblings, nieces and nephews and my parents we also were able to celebrate with aunts uncles, cousins and my grandparents. It was wonderful, just like I remember it from when I was a child. We all got together on Christmas Eve to celebrate!

The girls opening their stockings, Amelia loved opening presents, and kept asking for days afterward where more presents were! We had a nice quiet Christmas morning just the four of us!

Amelia playing in the snow on the back deck, the snow was as deep as she is tall. She wasn't super fond of the cold, we only went out to play maybe 3 or 4 times all winter.

Sophia hamming it up in her winter hat! Amelia thought it was hilarious to make Sosie (as we call her) wear her hat, luckily Soph doesn't mind too much!

The girls snuggling in the rocking chair. They love to play together, and for the most part get along wonderfully!

Amelia 'almost' ready for her valentine's day party. Just waiting for mommy to do her pig tails!

The girls got bored one day and decided to empty out all the bins on the changing table. (Actually they do this at least once a week now.) Amelia usually makes the mess and Sophia cleans it up - which of course drives Amelia nuts because she wants to play with all the things she got out.

Basement remodel! We are finally starting work on the basement. Dad, my brother and Tim got the walls up for the bathroom and we are hoping to get the rest of the framing done this week... then the plumber, electrician, and heating and cooling guys can come do their work! Gotta get it done by June!

Sophia turned 1!!! How in the world she is a year old already is beyond me. She started walking about 3 weeks before her birthday, has seven teeth and doesn't talk nearly as much as Amelia. She has a few words, dadda, momma, nana (banana) and this week her new word is humhum (hommus - which is a lunch staple around here)

And our biggest news... WE ARE EXPECTING A BOY IN JUNE! We actually found out the week of my last update back in October. We are beyond thrilled, although I will admit I'm slightly freaking out over having a BOY! We are hoping to have the basement finished before he arrives at the end of June. Amelia asks me daily "where my baby brother?" or "when baby brother comes can we play with him?"

We started our garden again, but I don't have pictures of that yet, since nothing is growing. We did plant some seeds already but they won't be up for another week or so. I'll post pictures of that soon.

Tim is still on 3rds at GVSU and praying for something new but we are leaving that up to the Lord. Trying to find contentment in that situation!

I think I say this every time I update but I really will try this time (now that we have internet at home) to update more regularly!

Until next time...