Monday, July 28, 2008

First Trip to Labor and Delivery

And not a fun one. Tim and I had big plans for this Saturday, none of which involved spending most of the afternoon in the hospital.

Friday I woke up in the middle of the night with some really intense cramps, they were coming about every 30 minutes or so and continued on through morning. I called my doc and he said I should go to L&D to get checked just in case, as I'm still pretty early. So Tim and I rush around getting showered and dressed and head to Zeeland. I got all hooked up to the monitors and was checked. Thankfully I'm not dilating or thinning out at all so that's good. As soon as I was hooked up to the monitor all my "contractions" stopped. They watched baby and I for a few hours and her heart rate and movements were strong so they sent us home. Apparently I'm overdoing it and not getting enough fluids and rest so I was ordered to rest for the weekend with my feet up (it was kind of fun having Tim wait on me!).

This "practice" trip to L&D reassured me so much about having picked Zeeland. The staff was wonderful and so great about answering all my questions. They took great care of us.

Hopefully that was a one time thing but I'm still having some uncomfortable cramps this morning, I'm just trying to slow down and destress my life as much as possible!

25 Weeks now! Only 15 to go until our due date!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ultrasound and Belly Pictures!

We took this last night, as we haven't done one in about a month. I can definately tell that mommy AND baby are growing!

Full Body shot, all curled up!

Full Body shot - you can see arms and legs!

Face, and hands!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

24 weeks!!!

When did I get to be 24 weeks along? We are less than four months from our due date and cannot believe how fast time is flying by.

This week our little girl is about as long as an ear of corn (just over a foot) and weighs over a pound now! Her brain is quickly developing this week and her taste buds have started to develop! Her lungs are also starting to branch out to form the "respiratory trees" necessary for her to breathe when she gets here! This is also the first week of viability (meaning that she could survive outside of mommy's womb)! Of course we want her to stay in there and cook for a good while longer, but it's just exciting to get to this point.

She is still moving around lots in there, and she is quickly running out of room! She's flipping all over the place, some days I'll get kicked in the bladder, and some days I'll get kicked in the ribs, she's just moving like crazy, which makes this experience even more amazing!

In Mommy news...
I have been having some Braxton Hicks contractions. My doctor says not to be concerned unless they start to come in a pattern, or more than 4 per hour. I am surprised by what they feel like, not painful but definitely a "take your breath away" sensation. My whole abdomen gets really tight like I'm flexing my muscles. It happened quite a bit while we were gone last week, probably from the added stress and all the new activities that I was doing.

I have my 24 week appointment this Wednesday, I'm excited to see what I'm measuring and how much weight I've gained. Up until this point I haven't gained much and I feel like in the last couple of weeks I've grown by leaps and bounds so we'll see!

Tim has officially started his job. He is out of the training portion and is out on his own. He's really enjoying it, although he comes home at night quite tired. We both are still getting use to the new schedule, but in the long run this job is going to be such a blessing to our little family!

Until next time...

Friday, July 11, 2008


Our little girl is VERY active to say the least, she's constantly kicking at me and doing all sorts of wild gymnastics. This week though I experienced what I assumed were just "rhythmic gymnastics." Apparently not. As it turns out it was the hiccups. They went on and on for a good part of the day, in perfect rhythm too. I could feel them from my throat all the way down through my belly. Talk about an odd sensation!

At 23 weeks we have only 4 months left!!! This week our little girl is the size of a small doll. Roughly about one pound and about 11 inches long. Her movements are getting to be more pronounced and I notice my belly bouncing even more now! She is especially active at night but reading to her seems to calm her down some.

The changing table has had it's second coat of paint and will be moved into the nursery when we get back from vacation. Things are really starting to come together. All we need now is a dresser and a bookshelf and we'll be all set!

Even more exciting than all of that is that Tim has found a job!!! We've been waiting for over a year for such a great opportunity and God has blessed us so much - it was worth the wait. The best part is that it will enable me to take as much time off when the baby is born as I need to. For that I am very thankful, and I know Tim is thankful that he isn't stuck at home all day anymore doing the laundry and the dishes!

In mommy news...
not much has changed since last week. The line on my belly has gotten darker, and my belly has gotten bigger. That in and of itself makes rolling out of bed quite a challenge (and according to Tim - quite humorous) - and by rolling I mean literally ROLLING! I've started to notice a little swelling at my ankles at the end of the day, nothing that a few hours with my feet up can't take care of. I'm just trying to get plenty of fluids and stay cool in this heat!

We head out tomorrow for a week of vacation - with no air conditioning... pray for me! Needless to say I'm sure this next week will be the hottest one of the summer as it is notorious for that! It will be enjoyable to get away either way, but I'm hoping for some cooler weather!

Until next time!

Monday, July 7, 2008


The biggest news for the week is that our little girl has officially been spotted. This weekend she was moving a ton, probably because of all the junk food I had been eating with the holiday weekend. On Sunday I was laying on the couch and noticed she was moving stronger than usual, I looked down and could see her thumping away at my belly. It only happened a couple times, and each time it happened I would call Tim over but she must be shy because he never saw it.

We are 22 weeks now, I have been pregnant longer than I'm going to be pregnant, which is a big accomplishment in my mind. We are only 124 days from my due date and I have a feeling it's going to fly right by.

Baby is the size of a spaghetti squash this week, about 11inches long and weighs about 1 pound! Her lips, eyelids, eyebrows and fingernails are all becoming more distinguished. Her eyes are developed but the color is still missing. She is getting increasingly active and I am now able to see a pattern to her movement throughout the day. She especially likes to let off her energy right as mommy is trying to go to sleep!

In mommy news...
my belly is changing color. I have developed this dark line up the middle of my tummy, but I've been told it's "normal." My belly is also growing, which for some reason makes people want to touch it... it's interesting! I'm feeling really good though. I have a lot of energy for the most part and I'm sleeping better too. Tim and I are making some good strides on the nursery. My mom is almost finished with the bedding and Tim is starting to paint the changing table today. I cannot wait to take pictures of it when it's all put together!

Everything else it going great, baby is growing strong and healthy, I am right on track, and have less than half way to go. Our next doctor's appointment is July 23rd and from there we'll start scheduling our childbirth classes, and my gestational diabetes test. Until next time...