Saturday, July 14, 2012

Our Week In Pictures - a day late!

Sleeping before we even finished the story

"Take my picture with my princess dolls!"

"you mean I have the tub all to myself?"

"whatever will I do with all this space?"

"the giant moth that has taken up residence on our front door"

we spent very minimal time outside this week as it was another hot one...

this pretty much sums up our mornings around here (minus Abram) - Amelia is slow to wake up, requires lots of snuggles.  Sophia is chattering and happy as soon as her eyes pop open!

The kids and I took a quick road trip this week

A big week for Abram, he's using a spoon all by himself (still working on getting all the food in his mouth but he does pretty good)

Daddy giving horsey rides

Abram's first time using a straw and already a pro - he sucked down that smoothy like nobody's business!

The girls playing!

Abram carried around this maraca all week... he's been driving his sisters and mommy nuts!

"they're seriously going to let me eat this all by myself?" (yogurt)

Grocery shopping!

Peacefully playing together *gasp*

Buddy boy's new trick - except he gets stuck and then gets terribly upset!

My project for the week, I made these travel coloring sets for the girls - (pinterest), perfect for the diaper bag, I'm thinking they'll come in handy in waiting rooms and the car!  Took me literally 10 minutes and I already had most of the supplies!

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Hilary said...

Love the coloring sets! You pin the best ideas on Pinterest. :-)