Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Spring!

A friend of ours took some pictures of Amelia last week to add some baby shots to her portfolio! It was so much fun. Amelia has gotten so expressive lately that it was great to catch some of it on film! Here's a few of the pictures as a preview... our photographer (Danita) took over 200 shots, but these are some early favorites!

We just started rice cereal, just once a day and only about a spoonful but Amelia LOVES it, she is just gobbling it up! I'll upload a video later!
We moved Amelia to her own room last week. That was so rough...not on her, but on me! She slept great in her crib, now if I can just get through the night we'll be all set!
Amelia and I both are working through our first cold of the season. Amelia coughed through most of the night the other night and has such a drippy nose. She's just miserable.
In exciting FAMILY news... we have started the house hunting process! We aren't in a huge hurry, we just want to be all moved before the winter and holidays! Our goal is to stay in the area, or move a little closer to GVSU so Tim's commute won't be any longer. Needless to say we are very ready to be out of our apartment. Not that we aren't greatful for the roof over our heads, it's just starting to get a little small for the three of us!
Until next time...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


My little girl is growing up! Sitting up (assisted of course), jabbering, blowing bubbles, laughing. Not to mention she is LOVING her jumperoo. She just figured out how to make the music turn on... it lets me get a few things done around the house! It's so exciting to see her come alive. I just can't believe it's already been four months since she was born...

Look how long she is! She typically doesn't lay still on the changing table, she loves to kick, but seriously she's filling up almost the entire pad...

We went shopping last week and had to try on these sun glasses. Excuse the blurriness, this was taken on my cell phone. She is quite the little fashionista!


Bath time! She's finally started to enjoy this, she splashes around and loves the water!!! Hopefully she'll be a little fish in grandma and grandpa's pool this summer... we'll see!
Here's some video Tim took after her bath while I was trying to get her changed... sorry, no sound.

Until next time...