Monday, July 23, 2012

Project Reveal!

After finishing the basement last summer and moving the master bedroom down there, we left the upstairs room (for the girls to share) very boring.


I didn't know what I wanted to do for the girls' room, just that I didn't want it to be pink, and I wanted it to be something they could grow into.  I never would've been able to do all this without my mom's help, she was at our house every day last week getting things put together and finished up (so that I could cross them off my list).  So without further ado, I give you the new and improved BIG GIRL ROOM!

First things first:  matching beds.  And notice the bed-sheet over the window, we've lived here three years and didn't even have curtains *hangs head in shame*

Next up: PAINT!

Before the room was a "basic blah beige" color.  Now it's a cheery buttery yellow (the girls say it looks like pineapple but it is NOT that yellow-ish)

Grandma rolled while I edged.  The girls had to watch so they were on their beds in the middle of the room most of the time!

*notice the post-it notes on Amelia's head board - if you saw my post about my project last week, the travel coloring case you'll understand, she has to save EVERY drawing!

Much better!  The girls even have matching dressers, Amelia's has pink handles and Sophia's has teal handles!

The details:  This was the most fun part of putting the room together!

Mom found these really fun pom-pom flowers on pinterest so we made a few to hang from the ceiling (did I mention they were SUPER easy)!

Finished project, just waiting to be hung!

We had this shelf, it use to be white and we didn't really have a place for it, so I painted it blue (similar in color to the turquoise pom-pom in the picture above but you can't really tell in this picture)!

Grandma making curtains (and talking on the phone at the same time - in case any of you were wondering where I get my innate need to multi-task!) !

The BEDDING!  I love, love, love this set.  So cute and girlie but not baby-ish!

And yes we kept the guard rail up to set a "boundary" of sorts for the girls, at least until they are use to sleeping together!  And no, there isn't room to move their beds apart.

The finished product!

The girls use the blue shelf (their mailbox they call it) for their special books.

They each have a crate for their many many many loved animals/blankets!

In case you were wondering what those fancy pom pom flowers were for!  

So glad this project is done!  I love how it turned out and the girls love their new BIG GIRL ROOM! 

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Christina said...

I LOVE it!!! Great Work!! Thanks for sharing. Love the colors