Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nursery Progress

Here are some pictures from the nursery, we aren't completely FINISHED but we're 95% there! Tim's finishing up the room divider this week, to seperate the "office" side of the room from the "nursery" side! And I have more circles to put up on the walls, I just ran out of steam!

Okay here ya go...

Closet organizers and large bookshelf right inside the door

Looking in from the door and a front view of the changing table and part of the crib!

Crib and smaller bookshelft/end table!

So there you have it! I'll post pictures of the crib with the bedding after my shower, so look for that sometime in September!

Thursday, August 21, 2008


I forgot to post our BIG news for the week. My mom and I, along with my best friend took a day and went to IKEA for some serious shopping. The nursery is now completely furnished. Everything is ready for baby girl to arrive!

My mom is making the bedding and is recovering the glider that we bought. Once we get those in the nursery it will be all set!!! However, my mom is hoarding both until my shower!

I'll post pictures as soon as I can remember!

Glucola... YUCK!

Tomorrow I’ll be 29 weeks along, which will leave us with 78 days to go until D-day! I had my 28 week appointment yesterday and it went really well. I got to drink some wonderful orange drink (it tasted like a melted Popsicle) so that I could have my test done. Doesn't that look tasty?

After I finished my cocktail I had to have some labs drawn to see if I have gestational diabetes (which, thankfully, I don’t) and to check my thyroid levels, then I got to see the doctor. The nurse weighed me and I’m up 2 pounds since my last visit… which brings my grand total of weight gained to 6 pounds! 6 I can deal with!

Baby’s heartbeat was strong at 148, the slowest it’s ever been, the doctor says as the baby starts to mature more the heart rate will slow so it’s nothing to be worried about! My belly is measuring 29 cm which is perfect (1 cm for each week you’ve been pregnant).

Baby girl is responding to outside stimuli. Tim and I were in the car the other day and he sneezed (rather loudly) and my entire stomach jumped. My guess is she didn’t like the loud noise! This week she weighs about as much as a butternut squash and measures about 15 inches. Her muscles and lungs are continuing to develop and she’s now blinking her eyelids, which are complete with eyelashes!

In mommy news…
I’m feeling alright, just getting more and more uncomfortable. The sciatic pain that I experienced in the first trimester is back. Combine that with the round ligament pain and the loose joints and I’m feeling like I’m about 65! In all seriousness though I am loving being pregnant. Baby’s kicks are so strong right now, she’s obviously running out of room, but I can push on one part of my belly and she’ll poke a foot or elbow out at me! It’s wonderful to be able to feel my child moving within me. I’ve been sleeping rather well the last few nights, other than the constant up and down to go to the bathroom, but it’s much better than it was a few weeks ago!

Tim and I are getting very anxious to hold our little girl. We often find ourselves just wandering into what will be her room and staring at the little clothes and toys, just dreaming of the day we can bring her home. It’s all so overwhelming, we are both so thankful that God has entrusted this little one to our care. We know that God is preparing us, even now to be the perfect parents for this little girl. We know we’ll mess up and right now we have absolutely NO clue what we’re doing, but we are both trusting in the knowledge that God will give us the strength and the wisdom to raise our daughter His way and for His glory.

Until next time…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Well we made it to the third trimester! I was 27 weeks on Friday August 8. Which means that as of today there are only 88 days until my due date! YIKES! So much to do, so little time!

Baby is still very active. This week she's up to about 2 pounds and about 14 inches long! We have figured out her schedule too. She wakes up at around 10am and is active until about 2pm doing all sorts of dances, then is quiet again until 6pm (just in time for dinner) we are convinced that she wakes up just for daddy when he gets home from work. Then she's quiet again until I climb into bed for the night. We have been reading to her every night before we go to bed and as hokey as it sounds it actually does work at quieting her so I can get some sleep!

In Mommy news...
I am feeling relatively good. I feel like I don't have the right to complain because I have had an easy pregnancy compared to others out there. Although I will say that lately I have been feeling very uncomfortable. It's a whole new experience to try and maneuver with a watermelon in front of you. Tim told me on Sunday that I have started to waddle a little (but I contribute it to the fact that I had heels on)! My legs feel like they could come unattached from my hips at any moment and the low back pain is back from the first trimester. I have also noticed, just within the last couple of days, that I don't have the energy that I had even a week ago. The second trimester "burst" as I've heard it referred to is definitely gone... so sad.

Other exciting news that I just have to share is about both Tim's new job and my current job. First off, Tim passed his certification test, so it's official now and we can all take a deep breath. As for my job, there have been lots of "rumblings" at the office for a few weeks now, which have created lots of stress. We've been praying that everything would get resolved and that things would stay stable at least until we have the baby. God has answered our prayers - unfortunately I can't get into all the details, but we are very thankful for the way everything is turning out!

We have our 28 weeks appointment next Wednesday where I get to drink some yummy orange syrup for my Gestational Diabetes Test! Should be a good time! Have I mentioned yet that we are all registered for our childbirth classes at Zeeland? I am so excited to start those, they don't start until September 22, but it's something I'm looking forward to!

Until next time...

Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm just entering the third trimester of this pregnancy, and with that comes a whole new set of oddities! I have started "extreme nesting." I emptied out every cupboard and closet in our apartment, scrubbed them, sorted them, reorganized them and put them back together - this was on Thursday. On Friday I scrubbed the floors, dusted and vacuumed from top to bottom, baked dozens of muffins and cookies to freeze, did four loads of laundry, changed all the linens, cleaned the bathroom (including the shower) and had dinner on the table by 6pm. On Saturday Tim and I gutted the garage, sorted through tons of junk, hung our bikes on mounted racks and finished the changing table. Then we went inside. Once again I attacked our bedroom closets and compiled about 5 bags of clothes and other items to go to the mission. We worked in the office, cleaning out old bills and receipts and rearranging things so that we can fit a third person into our home! Overall I'd say it was a very productive weekend!!!

This past week I took it fairly easy. My boss was very concerned after last weekends events so I worked a shortened week, it was glorious. I cannot wait until I can go down to part time. Baby girl is moving so much now and this weekend was the first time that Tim and I could actually identify body parts poking out of my belly. It was amazing. Baby is the length of a cucumber this week and weighs about two pounds. All of her senses are developed and she can hear us quite clearly when we speak.

In Mommy News:
I am still growing and getting quite uncomfortable along the way. Between getting up multiple times to use the bathroom and the great effort it takes to roll over, sleeping is not going so well. Last night however I slept all through the night. I'd been praying for just one night of restful sleep and I definitely got it!

I noticed today that we are in the double digits - only 96 days until my due date... HOLY SMOKES! I feel like it was just yesterday when we started telling people we were expecting and now there are only 13 weeks left to this pregnancy. Only a little while longer until we can hold our precious little girl!

Until next time...