Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Playing Catch Up... Yet Again

It seems as though we get busier and busier every year and this one is no exception. Having a one year old and being pregnant has been keeping me up to my ears in all kinds of busy.

So I'll give you a quick recap of what we've been up to for the last couple of months

*Amelia turned 1... where the time went I have no idea, seems like just yesterday we brought her home from the hospital.
*Thanksgiving with the fam! Amelia loved the food, since last year she slept through the entire thing it was all new to her. This year we spent Thanksgiving in Lansing with my mom's family, ate way too much but enjoyed every minute of family time!
*Christmas decor went up! We took Amelia to a tree farm and picked out our Christmas tree. She of course had no clue what was going on. Tim and I set it up after she went to bed that night, got the lights and ornaments on. When she woke up the next day she wasn't too sure about this pokie thing in the living room. Thankfully she left most of the ornaments alone! We also put lights up on the house. What an experience. Not sure I'll be able to talk Tim into that one next year but it was fun to try it!

*Anniversary Trip! Tim and I went away for three days. The first time we'd ever left Amelia overnight. We spent a long weekend at the Harbor House in Grand Haven and boy was it wonderful. Thanks mom and dad for watching Amelia!
*Tim had 2 whole weeks off since GVSU closed down for the holidays. This gave he and Amelia a wonderful opportunity to bond. She's always been a mommy's girl but his first day back to work was rough on all of us. Amelia stood at the door and cried for daddy for most of the day, talk about heart breaking.
*Christmas Eve with the family. We spent Christmas Eve at my parents house with my siblings and all of their kids (Minus my brother who had the flu :( ). All together there were 10 kids under 6 which made present opening lots of "fun"! Amelia loves her new monkey jammies that she got from Grandma and Papa, she loves to carry them around the house.
*Christmas morning we woke up and did a special breakfast for Jesus' birthday and then let Amelia open her presents. Then we headed back to Grandma and Papa's for a day of games and yummy food!

*Christmas Decor came down, except for the outside lights, I can't quite convince Tim to go out in the snow and take them all down quite yet! Life went back to normal. Tim went back to work, normal schedules resumed and we adjusted yet again to what has become our "normal."
*Amelia started potty training! She goes about once a day and just this week has started to ask me if she can sit on the potty!
*Amelia's vocabulary is growing by leaps and bounds. It amazes me what she can understand and repeat back to us. Each day is so exciting to see what she'll do next!
*Started readying the nursery for baby #2. Amelia just loves to carry around the teeny tiny diapers that are now on our shelves
*Baby Girl #2 hit the 33 week mark! We are in the count down stages now!
*Amelia has become incredibly interested in books and her baby doll. She pushes her baby in her stoller for long stretches throughout the day.

Well, that's about it for us for the past three months. Sorry, no pictures in this post. Maybe next time. Right now I have to go get a crying baby from her crib! Hope the new year is treating you all well! Stay warm in all this snow!