Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Let Me Set The Record Straight...

"I don't know how you handle it!"

For some reason I hear this a lot. Now that we are expecting our fourth I hear it even more than before. Yes our kids are close in age, yes they are busy, yes they create a lot of work for me, but that's just my life! I have no other choice but to “handle it!”

A lot of my friends have their children spaced 2 or more years apart (which is completely fine), and they seem amazed at how I manage to get things done with my kids so close in age. In truth, I handle it the same way they handle their kids who are 2 years apart! I don't know any differently, to me, this is the “norm,” I do it because I have to. And I am definitely NOT alone, I have an amazing husband who pitches in with everything from diapers to dishes, and our children are blessed to have wonderful grandparents who love to spend time with them! I know for a fact that I would NOT be able to make it through my days without the strength that God gives me.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases, His mercies never come to an end, they are new every morning, great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23

Just let me set the record perfectly clear here, I am no better than the next mom. I have no super powers that enable me to get things done that other moms don't, and I certainly DO NOT have it all together. I lose my patience with my kids, I feel alone (a lot), and there are days when feelings of inadequacy are completely overwhelming. But it all comes back to the job God has given to me: I am first a wife to Tim, and secondly, a mommy to three (almost 4) amazing blessings. I don't think God would give me a special job, or a blessing just to see me fail. He gives me the strength I need to make it through my *sometimes very long* days and I am thankful that when I go to sleep each night I can rest assured that His mercies will be new when I wake up the next day.

When this picture was taken, Abram was a week old, Sophia was 15 months and Amelia was 2.5.  I remember thinking "how will I ever manage three kids, a house, a husband and keep some sanity?" But ya know what, it's a year later and we're all still alive and well, the house is a little messier, my sanity is somewhat questionable, but God has seen us through and will continue to every day!

So, the next time you think that because my kids are super close in age, I must have it all together, or have figured out some special secret to being super mom, think again. And if you come across the secret, please share with the rest of us!  Us mommy's have to stick together!

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Kelly Vruggink said...

I can't relate obviously since I only have Eli but I do see you as a mommy who is down to earth and loves her kiddos. It is amazing to me to see how you get the kids involved in playing with each other, baking, and "helping" with chores. I know you don't have super powers BUT in my outsider opinion, you look like you're doing a great job! :) No matter the number of kids people have, it is hard and we all need help. Kate, I respect you and love watching you take care of your growing family. :) (This next part is obviously an outsider's opinion) Maybe the reason people think you have it all figured out is b/c most of the time you always have a positive attitude and (at least I) never seem to let slip a negative or ungrateful attitude. :) Thank you for that godly, motherly, and wifely (is that a word?) attitude; from one mommy/wife to another! Press on and keep remembering (as you have so far) that God is your strength and help and wont give you more than you can handle - yet another reason some people may think you have a super power. (because you do! ;)) Take care and have a good rest of your weekend!