Friday, July 20, 2012

Our Week In Pictures!

Grandma left her rotary mat at our house, for some reason the girls thought it was great fun to jump on, they pretended it was a trampoline

Abram had a turn too!

Working on a big project this week - stay tuned, finished pics coming on Monday!

Amelia's first "person" drawing... she told me this was a picture of me (I'm not sure how I feel about that?)!

Grandma helping us with our big project!

Reading time (you can't hear her but she was actually reading the story to all of us)

Keeping the girls busy on the first rainy day in FOREVER, mani/pedis all around!

"Shhhh don't tell sissy I took her animals!"

The first time Amelia has actually colored a picture with appropriate colors (instead of everything being one color etc).  We are saving this one for sure!

We hit 30 weeks this week with baby #4

One of Abram's current favorites!

Our big adventure - we are going dairy free for awhile (well Sophia is anyway), hoping to deal with some eczema issues, among other things!

Abram trying on his winter coat!

Even after hiding her long sleeves and jeans she still found them... "I'm all dressed for school mom!"

Until next week... stay tuned for our big project reveal!

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KLW said...

Look for Neem lotions for ecxema. Theraneem is great!