Friday, July 6, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

 Two very tired kiddos after a full week of swimming, and playing hard in the heat. (Sophia isn't pictured because I'm convinced she never sleeps!)

 Grandma and Papa have a plethora of dress-up clothes... however the  most loved are the suit of armor that they have.

"show me your swords!"

Caught the boys watching the news early one morning

Horton Hears a Who - family movie night
check out the little monkey in the background!

Trying to fit the old couch in the dumpster, I think Tim secretly had a whole lot of fun tearing this apart...RIP big comfy couch.

Amelia's newest obsession - LEGOS!  We swiped mommy's old sets from Grandma's house and she's been playing with them all week!

Special buddys!

Amelia's first taste of corn on the cob!  

Little man enjoying some yummy pasta salad at our 4th of July celebration!

Abram's first taste of monkey bread!  YUM!

Fresh out of bed, too tired to eat breakfast but ready to color!

"I no feel good" Temp of 102 all day today, and I'm not talking about outside :(
(although unfortunately it has been that hot outside lately too)

28 weeks with baby #4 and feeling very very pregnant...

Next week, see what we've been working on in the kitchen!!!  Some yummy recipes to share!

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