Friday, August 13, 2010


Boy oh boy have we been busy. I promise I am going to do better at keeping you up to date on our lives! Where to start...

Having two kiddos has definately changed things up a bit! Grocery shopping takes a little longer and trying to split my time between two girls who always want to be held by mommy has been an adjustment. But I wouldn't have it any other way! I love nap time though! Once Sophia got on a good both girls sleep at the same time which gives me time to actually get some things done1 now if Sophia would sleep through the night we'd be golden! All in all it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. God is an ever present help that's for sure. I find myself praying for wisdom and patience continually throughout the day and I know without His help my home would fall apart.

Here's our most recent family picture, we're having them done in October again so this will have to do until then!

These pictures are going to be really out of order so I appologize for that in advance!
I cannot believe how quickly Sophia is growing, here she is at 4 months (July). We spent her 4 month birthday at FCA camp! The four of us shared a college dorm room for a week... what an adventure that was! Sophia is rolling all over the house, babbling like crazy and is starting to actually enjoy her food!

The girls took a weekend and went to see Auntie Mere at her new place in Traverse City. We couldn't make a trip up north without stopping in at Moomers for some yummy ice cream. Mommy even broke down and let Amelia get her own cup!

Amelia has become such a huge "help" this summer. She is very into copying everything we do, so when we go out to work in the yard she grabs a watering can and helps us out! Grandma let her help once and ever since then we can't water the plants without her "help".

Sophia trying her rice cereal for the first time! Not too sure about it. Now, two weeks later she mostly likes it, I think she wants something that actually has flavor!

Sophia in her Easter dress (which was too big for her to wear on Easter Sunday). Looking like such a big girl!

Sisters always have to match! Not always but I sure do love to make them match! I'm sure when they're older they won't let me so I'm getting it in as much as I can now!

Amelia LOVES to hold Sophia! She's constantly hugging and kissing her. Amelia always makes sure Sophia (or Sissy as Mia calls her) has all of her toys within reach!

One of mommy's favorite outfits didn't fit you long! At three months you already have a personality of your own. You are so easy going and smiley!

Hope you enjoyed the update, stay tuned until next time!