Thursday, February 12, 2009

Decide For Yourself!

Everyone says that Amelia looks just like her daddy, and at birth she did, but now that she's changed so much we want to see who she looks like now - at 3 months!

So, decide for yourself... who does she look like?

Mommy (top) and Daddy (bottom) both at 3 months

Amelia at 3 months

Saturday, February 7, 2009

I Lied...

We weighed Amelia and she is 14.5 pounds!!! Holy Smokes!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

3 Months!

Our little girl is growing up WAY too fast. She is so full of smiles every day. We lay her in her bed at night and she just jabbers away at the ceiling, it's too cute. Amelia is not as snuggly as she was even just a few weeks ago, she wants to be up looking around and forget about just sitting in her swing or bouncy seat. I carry her around in a front pack during the day just so I can get some things done!

We're at roughly 12 pounds, she was 11lb 6oz 3 weeks ago so we aren't exactly sure where she's at. All we know is that she's growing like crazy. She's fitting into 6 months clothes right now. I had to pack up all her newborn and 0-3 month stuff last week, it was bittersweet.

We are so enjoying watching her grow and are amazed at the blessing God has given us in her. She brings so much excitement to our days.

In "non-baby" news... Tim got a job at Grand Valley State University last week, he just started on Monday and so far is liking it. The only bummer is that yesterday they told him they'd be switching him to 3rd shift. I'm trying really hard not to be upset about it. It's a job afterall, a lot of people don't even have a job currently. I'm just praying and asking God that He will teach me what he wants me to learn through this quickly so that Tim can go back to working days... although if anyone knows about God's timing being different from ours, it's me. Tim and I have learned so much through these layoffs, I thought for sure that once Tim got a job that would be it, there would be nothing else to learn.... YEAH RIGHT.

About six months ago my mom and I were talking and we got down to the fact that I have a very unhealthy level of fear. I've never stayed overnight by myself, I sleep with a nightlight, little noises freak me out, etc. So when Tim told me the "good news" of him having to work 3rd shift for the next 3 months I went to the Lord in prayer. During my quiet time I remembered the conversations my mom and I had had, and some verses that I had been pointed to. As much as I don't like the idea of staying home by myself every night, I really think that God is going to use this time to draw me closer to Him. Over the past two years, we've been through three layoffs. Has it been fun? No. Would I wish it on anyone? No. However, I wouldn't trade that time for anything. God used that time to teach Tim and I so much about eachother and ourselves. It drew us closer to Him, and as we grew closer to God we grew closer together in our marriage. I am really going to try to enjoy this season of life. I'm praying that God would use this time to grow me and to mature me, most importantly in my faith, but also as a wife and mother.

So if you think of it, pray for me. Pray that God would strip away all the fear in my life and that He would use this time to draw me closer to Him.

Until next time...