Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How Do I Have a Preschooler Already?

We started school today!  Lots of school, curriculum, activity, field trip posts coming in the days and weeks ahead!  I'm not sure how Amelia is already old enough to be starting school, or where the time went but we are here and she was bouncing off the walls excited about being a big preschooler and getting to do schoolwork (we'll see how long she enjoys it!)!

 And yes, I realize we are starting early (Aug 1), for those of you who may not have realized though we have a new baby coming to this home in late September.  I'm trying my best to get a good routing down for the kids before baby comes, that includes finding time for school, so getting a good month of school in is my goal so we can make adjustments BEFORE baby comes!  I am so excited to share our homeschooling journey with you all, and terrified at the same time :)

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