Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Preschool Part II

Well, we're off and running! Amelia woke up excited to get back to her school work (Sophia too). We took a long break, almost 3 months, with Celia being born. Now that we are settled into a good daily routine though, we are jumping back in.

I spent time over the weekend re-evaluating our goals for the year. We are ahead in some areas (letter sounds and writing letters), "behind" in others (memory work, counting). It was good to look and see where we are, it's allowed me to revamp plans for this second half of the year!

We'll be continuing with our Rod and Staff workbooks, along with other hands on activities.  And I'll be posting probably weekly about our work!

Goals for Amelia:
Memory work-address, phone # etc
Count to 50-those teens really throw her
Manners and safety-eye contact, answering for herself, dealing with strangers, how to use the phone to call for help etc

Goals for Sophia:
Recognize basic shapes
Count to 20

Even Abram is ready for school, he LOVES to read (and would sit and listen all day if mommy had time to read all day)!

Here's to a great second half!
(pictures coming Friday)

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