Thursday, January 17, 2013

Teaching Toddlers: Calling for help

We decided a couple years ago to ditch our home phone...thus leaving our cell phones as our only option. I wanted to make sure Amelia new how to call 911. On a smartphone however it takes a little more than just pushing the three numbers.

So today we did some roll playing! I first walked her through all the steps of calling for help but then realized she has ZERO phone skills. After she pretended to call 911 then I pretended to ask her questions (name, address, what the problem was etc). We practiced for about a half hour and when I said it was time to do something else she threw a fit because "I didn't get to talk to any REAL people on the phone!" So she called grammy and talked to her.

It's not something I will do with her everyday, but its good for her to know how to do and its good practice for knowing her address.

Another thing we've been working on this year is memorizing the books of the bible! Amelia is doing so much better than I thought she would, she can get to Ezra before she needs help. Even Sophia is getting the hang of it. We don't spend lots if time on it, we just practice them before lunch and then the girls say them to Tim after dinner!

I am always amazed at how capable kids are at memorizing things! Other memory work we are doing this year includes:
Full name
Telephone number
Memory verse (this changes weekly)
Days if the week
Months of the year

This week we started our 3rd workbook in our Rod and Staff series. Its a writing letters book, Amelia is thrilled. She DID NOT like book number two (writing numbers) and was glad to move on to something more "fun!" She knows she has to learn all her letters to read so she actually puts forth a ton of effort in that area!

Amelia seems to only have one thing on her mind lately and we have the conversation almost daily: "mommy, next year will I get to ride the bus and GO to kindergarten?"

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