Saturday, January 5, 2013

Mommy Musings: True Confessions Pt. 1

<p>This last pregnancy was the most difficult - between the bedrest because of a ruptured disk, lack of sleep and still having to take care of my hubby, three kiddos and our home. I had a really hard time after delivery too. I felt so emotionally overwhelmed, like I could cry all day long if I let myself. I was unhappy with my body (who isn't after having a baby -or 4). I knew it wasn't baby blues but decided to mention it to my doctor anyway.

My doctor asked me if I was taking any time for me. Which made me laugh, I think I asked him if he was serious. Time for me? I have 4 kids under 4, when would you like me to do that? But after talking more I realized that he was very serious, "just ten minutes, do something quiet, for yourself, go for a walk, take a bath, exercise. Anything, just take care of yourself too."

That conversation was 8 weeks ago, and let me tell you I have NEVER felt better in my life! After talking it over with Tim we decided that we'd figure out a way for me to have some time each day. So I started doing 20 minutes of yoga before bed, gradually I worked up to jogging for a half hour before dinner. Currently I'm up to an hour of cardio kickboxing a day - some days its before the kids wake, somedays its at naptime, other days I dont get to it until after the kids are down for the night. In those 8 weeks I've only missed 7 days of working out (2 of those were due to the flu)!

On top of exercising we are all eating better. We've cut out most of the processed junk and are trying to eat more real food... Surprisingly my kids and hubby havent minded. It does take a bit more planning but in the end the results are well worth it!

I really have struggled with the whole idea of "me time." I feel like being a wife and mommy come first, however I can honestly say that taking the time to take care of myself has made me a better wife and mommy. It doesn't just happen though, like anything else important (devotions, school work, date nights etc) it takes planning! I try my hardest to workout when my family doesn't need me, sometimes this means giving up some sleep, reading or tv, but I feel so much better about myself and I have never had so much energy. I feel like I'm able to keep up with my kids, which is a great feeling. Not to mention I am at the lowest weight I've been at in years AND I have muscles I didn't know I had!

So, to all my mommy friends, it really does make a difference...taking time out to take care of yourself! I'm interested to know what you do to re-energize, share your ideas!

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