Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our Week in Pictures!

What a week, started off with HOT weather, and gradually got milder as we went!  This was one of our first walks of the season (pathetic I know but being pregnant I just can't handle the heat)!

Sophia showing off her scooter skills!

I have NEVER had one of my kids climb things as much as this little boy.  He is such a monkey... did I mention that that foot stool rocks?  Doesn't phase him a bit to tip it over either!

All three kiddos helping me with the dishes!

"mommy, take a picture of me being silly"

wrestling with daddy

snuggle time before bedtime!

Keeping Sophia  busy with a tub of beans while we do some school work!

We enjoyed TWO RAINY DAYS this week.  It was wonderful, the girls played with their legos for hours!

I think we may have an engineer on our hands!

too lazy to walk around the table, I'll just crawl through to get what I want!

Come back Monday.  I'm participating in another Not Back to School Blog Hop post all about "where" we homeschool! :)  Enjoy your weekend!

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