Saturday, August 25, 2012

One very long week

I do apologize for lack of posts this week.  I personally have not been feeling 100% and it is taking all my energy just to make it through my days. Not to mention a 3 day garage sale, we've been a little busy.
Not to worry, on Monday I'll be posting "a day in the life-what our school day looks like" on the "Not back to school" blog hop so be sure to check back!
Until then, here's a couple pictures to tide you over!

The kiddy table at the garage sale, trying to keep them busy... worked for the most part!

This is my favorite part of the morning!  Just to the right of Abram's head you can see Tim coming up the driveway from his run...the kids rush to the window and wave to him every morning!

Doing some school work outside!

Sophia "making ice cream" - not sure why but the girls flip their trikes over and pretend to make ice cream... it keeps them entertained.

And that's seriously ALL the pictures I took this week :(  Hopefully next week I'll be feeling a little better!

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Hilary said...

I think every child makes ice cream with their trike wheel at some point... I know I did! :-)