Friday, August 17, 2012

The Countdown Is On!

YIKES, where have the last 34 weeks gone?  With only 6 weeks to go until baby #4 arrives we are busy busy checking things off our (okay okay, "my") "To Do Before Baby Comes" list!

I am so thankful that my husband is sopatient!  With each pregnancy it seems the things on my lists become just a tad more obscure.  With baby #1 it was all the obvious things; assemble crib, wash baby clothes (most of which were gifts), pack for the hospital... that was about it.  Baby #2 was pretty similar sinc
e we were expecting another girl and hadn't put any of the baby things away since the two girls are so close in age.  With pregnancy #3 things were lots different, not only were we expecting our first boy but we also had a HUGE construction project going on.  We finished our entire basement in just a couple of months (everything from framing, to insulation, electric, paint and carpet) so most of my crazy list revolved around that, other than the regular baby things; buy boy clothes etc!

Now we are on to pregnancy #4, while my "TDBBC" list does include many of the normal things, wash baby clothes, pack for hospital etc, my husband has given me "that" look multiple times in the last few months.  Let me just give you a general run down:

My list this time was broken into categories, first by floor, then by room, including the garage!  Some things weren't too crazy, I wanted (okay so I haven't finished this yet) all my kitchen cupboards organized and cleaned out, not too out there right? 

But then we moved on to other things like -organize Tim's tools (I did this one afternoon, even going so far as to wiping them all down and vacuuming all the dust out of his tool box), this also included having Tim assemble some shelves for the garage on which to store all the tools which are newly organized!

Then came more silly things,  -alphabetize all CD/DVDs (because the baby will care?), and -defrost the deep freezer (seriously?).  And let me just say that I am so very blessed, between my mom and my husband we have knocked out most of the list, there are only a handful of things left... and I have 6 weeks to do them! 

I know women go through nesting phases during pregnancy but I'm even starting to drive myself a bit crazy.  I've been dealing with insomnia for the past several weeks (partly because of pregnancy, partly because I have one child who shall remain nameless who refuses to sleep all night), so what do I do in the middle of the night?  I've been organizing our closets.  It's a sickness I'm sure of it.  And while it is nice to know exactly how many shirts I have in every color it's not really necessary to bringing home a baby is it?  My husband would say no!

Just for kicks I thought it would be fun to compare my belly with all four kiddos at the same time, so for your viewing pleasure... here is me at 34 weeks!

Pregnancy #1 (girl)

Pregnancy #2 (girl)

Pregnancy #3 (boy)

Pregnancy #4 (girl)

Other than my case of "extreme nesting" I feel so ready to have this baby.  With my first, people told me to enjoy the pregnancy because it's easier than taking care of the actual baby... I completely disagree (I'll post more about that another time).  I cannot wait to get life started with this little one and am very (im)patiently awaiting her arrival!  Baby clothes are washed, just have to install the carseat and we are ready to go!

Stay tuned, our week in pictures coming tomorrow, and another blog hop on Monday!  Enjoy your weekend, I know I will as it has been a very long week at our house!

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