Saturday, August 4, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

 All dressed up for church!

Abram's newest trick... he knows when he needs a clean diaper!

The kids got to go with me to my dr appointment this week.  They behaved amazingly well!

"I'm not going to make a mess I promise!"

"Just kidding!"

Totally zoned during family movie night!

Out for a walk and not too sure of the stroller!

We forgot her helmet, but she has finally learned how to pedal!

Rockin' her tutu yet again!

"mom, you forgot to put a bib on me (again) so to pay you back I'm going to slime everything I touch with sticky PB&J fingers!"

Trying to find something quiet to play with so they don't wake up Amelia... of course they pick the ONE noisy toy we own!

Waving to daddy when he got home from his run

Sister snuggles (notice Amelia's long sleeves - crazy girl)

Afternoon painting!

Sophia is always in a state of undress, and her absolute favorite article of clothing is her TUTU from grandma... complete opposite from her sister!

"why you jus take my picter, I not ready yet"
*in all fairness, it was a little early - for both of us!

Dinner on the grill!  The girls LOVED the "corn-a-ma-cob!"
(they just couldn't figure out how to say it!)

It was a fun week, we started school, got three days under our belt and already I can see areas we are going to have to adjust due to schedule and Amelia's abilities, but it is a learning experience that's for sure.  Come back on Monday for a super special "Not Back to School" blog hop!

Enjoy your weekend!

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Carrie77 said...

My daughter would LOVE that little blue tutu dress! She is so cute in it!