Friday, June 29, 2012

Photo Friday - Our Week In Pictures!

Our little athlete.  Papa gave her a soccer ball to take home and she LOVES it.  She's actually got quite a kick (not to mention the attitude to go with it)!

Tim and Amelia were seeing who could make the sillier face... not sure who won.

This is what the girls do every night before they go to bed, wrestling matches with daddy.  Somehow they always win!

A rare occasion, the girls actually letting Tim read a story to them... mommy must've been busy!

So thankful to have such a happy baby in the mornings!  Loving him some Kix!

The girls' favorite new pass time, "do-a-dotting"!  

One of my projects for the week... you'll have to stay tuned to see what it's all about!

I was told it got up to 92degrees on Wednesday, yet my lovely daughter wanted to wear her snow gear (she was begging to put on her snowpants too but I had to draw the line somewhere).  Her and Sophia were pretending to go skiing (using magazines on the carpet to slide on).

Zucchini bread!  A favorite around here... and no wonder with Miss Debbie's recipe!

The end of a very long but productive day, a couple of stories with mommy before bedtime!

My tired buddy, no nap for him today, he was out before I had even shut the door to his room.

Trouble!  He has learned how to climb up onto beds and our recliners, then he hangs on to the back of the chair and jumps up and down.  So proud of himself!

My little ballerina (she picked this outfit) feeding her baby doll!

Block party!  This is before all the trays of blocks were dumped all over the flour!

Skateboarding on the cart for the blocks (they aren't suppose to do this - I took this picture about 5 seconds before she crashed in to the fridge and ended up with a welt on her shin)!

I am SO PROUD of Amelia.  The big smiley face in this picture is the first recognizable smiley she's ever drawn!  Now that she's done one, she covered the rest of the paper with smiley guys!

Fresh out of bed, a little early if you ask me but bubba needed some snuggles and I wanted the girls to sleep longer so we snuggled on the couch for a while!

Bleary eyed!

It was SO HOT on Friday, we got to Grandma and Papa's pool at about 9 and left for home around 4:30!  

Playing dress-up with the magnetic dolls, taking a break from the heat and enjoying the A/C!

Another fun filled busy week, lots of school planning, swimming and enjoying time with the littles!  Enjoy the weekend!


Christina said...

I see someone is enjoying that high chair :-)

Christina said...

I mean the toy one :-)

Kate said...

Yes Christina, they play with it ALL. THE. TIME. We have to set time limits usually because they both want to feed their babies in it!