Friday, June 22, 2012

Fabulous Photo Friday

 Our week in pictures!  We started out our week by celebrating Abram's first birthday on Monday night!

Here's his amazing John Deere tractor cake!

Daddy and sisters helping open his presents!  This truck has been the favorite toy all week (and has caused many children to sit in time-out)

Grandma and sisters playing with the toys!


After!  We threw him right into the tub after this as his entire torso was covered in green frosting!

Tim had been promising the girls a "camp out" for a while so he put up the tent, about two hours later it started storming.  Amelia had fun playing in there, although if you notice her red cheeks it was pretty hot.  Sophia won't go in it, she's terrified of it!

Too tired even to eat!

 Playgroup this week was a pool date, both girls went down the BIG water slide in the deep end!

Snack time pool side!

Playing with the tub of beans   

 We started our new "joy job chart"  (instead of "chores").  The girls each have a tickets they can put in the slot when they've completed a task.  As you can see Abram was all about helping with the dishes!

We're still working on getting them into his mouth rather than on the floor!

We ended the week at the doctor's office for Abram's 1 year check up! 

20lb 14oz and 29 inches long - 25th percentile for both!

He did fine for his shots but SCREAMED when we got in the elevator, as soon as the doors closed he started shaking and crying, once we got out he was fine.  Silly boy!

*Stay tuned next week for more exciting happenings!

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