Friday, December 28, 2012

Reflecting on 2012 - Preparing for 2013

Yikes, the year is almost over... excited to see what the new year will bring for our family!  This post will catch you up, from Thanksgiving until Christmas, we've been busy!


Our super smiley girl!

Amelia is "being like daddy" with her Starbucks cup full of whipped cream - she assured us that it was real coffee though!
So proud of Amelia, I told her the order of letters, but she wrote them all by herself!

Let me introduce you to the new system in our house!  This has seriously eliminated all arguments about clothes.  I was so sick of the girls wearing the same Tinkerbell shirt and jeans so I was picking out there outfits, we would all end up in tears because they didn't like what I picked.  So now, every Saturday I fill up the shelves with 6 outfits (their church dresses hang) and every morning they get their clothes out, and get dressed without complaint!  Why didn't I do this sooner!?

A new favorite "treat" for the kids is having grapefruit for breakfast... 

Abram and Soph both got their first hair cuts thanks to auntie Cara!

Celia actually learning to enjoy her car seat!

 Amelia enjoying her first year of ballet class

Learning to play together when mommy is busy with Celia.. today they were having a picnic!

A new family favorite (we try to do it once a month) - make your own pizza night!

Abram's newest favorite passtime - coloring - he didn't color the bird though, I think big sister did that!

The girls and their gingerbread house!

The girls decorating the tree!

All decorated!

We played some minute to win it games this year during our family party... everybody had lots of fun!

         Tim, trying to get a cookie from him forehead to his mouth!
All the kiddos gettin' grammy!

Grammy organized a live nativity reenactment for our viewing pleasure!  Amelia was the sheep and Soph was a wise man!

all the cousins (minus Abram and Celia) doing their play!

We all went in together and got mom a replacement Advent wreath since her original one broke... a special tradition in our family!

This year Sophia was old enough to help papa light one of the coveted 5 candles!
Daddy helping Abram open his Christmas jammies!

Sophia opening her new cabbage patch doll Kiya!

Amelia opening her new cabbage patch baby Birdie!

Christmas morning, opening stockings!

Abram got a set of Weebles for Christmas, they are the favorite toy this year!

All 3 of the kiddos playing with the Weeble tree, hopefully learning to share!  

Amelia playing with her Christmas present - magnetic dolls!

Sophia got a giant box of princess dresses for dress up for Christmas!

Our little bug turned 3 months already, I'm packing up the newborn/0-3 month clothes and getting out the 6 month stuff.  She is such a happy baby, sleeping great, taking good naps during the day, LOVING her new jumper and to watch her brother and sisters chase each other around the house!  So thankful for our 4th littlest blessing!
 Tim and I also celebrated 6 years of marriage this month!  What a blessed 6 years it's been, a new house, 4 beautiful babies and many other countless blessings for our family!


This is how I plan to spend a good part of my afternoon tomorrow ... hot cup of coffee and my planning journal...gotta see how far "behind" we are! We'll be starting school up again in one week after daddy goes back to work!  Time to get crackin'!
Coming January 1, 2013 I'll be posting our new school schedule and will be getting back to three posts a week so stay tuned!
Mondays: Mommy's Musings
Tuesdays/Wednesdays: Teaching Toddlers
Fridays: Our Week of Family Photos!
Hope you all had a blessed Christmas and have a wonderful New Year!

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Will ya just look at my grandkids! :) Looks like you had a good Christmas! :) Thanks for posting.
Grandma Gates