Thursday, September 20, 2012

Workbox Activities for Preschoolers (and Tiny Tots)

A couple weeks ago I had a few requests for suggestions for activities to do with preschoolers.  This in no way is a complete list and I am constantly coming up with fun new ideas but here is a general list to help you get started.  What I love about coming up with activities for these kiddos is that the sky is the limit, their minds are so ready to learn that you can turn really any every day item in to a teaching tool!

Sorting craft pom-poms by color - either into small bowls, or ice cube trays
Matching nuts and bolts - raid daddy's tool box and let them see if they can match the size (small parts so be careful around really little kiddos)
Sorting change - give them a handful of coins and see if they can recognize the differences
Building with legos - construct something small, see if they can copy it
Lacing cards/beads
Making patterns - use anything from colored socks to fruit loops
Cutting practice - ever wonder what to do with all that scrap paper?
Clipping clothes pins - give them a paper plate to clip them on
Paper clips - let them link them together
Board games - monopoly, rummikub, othello, playing cards, scrabble, chess, checkers. memory, etc
(my kids love to "play" these games - use your imagination)
Sensory tubs - rice, pasta, pinto beans, etc

Like I said, this is not a comprehensive list but it'll get you started with some fun ideas to try with your preschoolers!  If you have any other fun ideas leave a comment, I'm always on the hunt for new things to do with my kiddos!


Hilary said...

Don't forget stickers! :-)

Kate said...

oh yes, how could I forget Amelia's favorite activity!

Kate said...
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