Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Our Week In Pictures!

And boy what a week it was!  Prepare for picture overload! 

Lots of trike riding outside!

My cousin was visiting from Georgia with her two littles, so a bunch of us headed to Impression 5 Science Museum in Lansing for the day!  Definitely worth the drive!

Grandma helping Abram down the slide!

Playing house!

Amelia giving Abram a few pointers...

My little climber

There was a whole soft section for babies... Abram didn't enjoy it.

Amelia not wanting her picture taken

The water section!  Sophia would've stayed in here all day...

...unfortunately, Abram ended up getting soaked so they didn't stay in there all day!

Amelia wanted NOTHING to do with the water and preferred playing house!

Snack time!

One of Amelia's cousins showing her how a catapult works!

Watching the "moths" fly

Making a life cycle

This made me laugh... Sophia HATES slides at the park but for some reason she loved the ones they had here!

Amelia the pirate

Learning about pulley systems

Abram wasn't a huge fan of being up so high, the floor was clear which I think freaked him out a bit!

The girls LOVED this giant mouth...

36 weeks

This is his new funny face!  I love it!

Amelia is very excited about starting ballet next week... however she is NOT a fan of having her picture taken!

Thankful for generous neighbors and grandparents (and this was toward the end of the week after we'd eaten most of it)!

"Mom look, I'm going to the circus" (not really sure what she was thinking)

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