Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm just entering the third trimester of this pregnancy, and with that comes a whole new set of oddities! I have started "extreme nesting." I emptied out every cupboard and closet in our apartment, scrubbed them, sorted them, reorganized them and put them back together - this was on Thursday. On Friday I scrubbed the floors, dusted and vacuumed from top to bottom, baked dozens of muffins and cookies to freeze, did four loads of laundry, changed all the linens, cleaned the bathroom (including the shower) and had dinner on the table by 6pm. On Saturday Tim and I gutted the garage, sorted through tons of junk, hung our bikes on mounted racks and finished the changing table. Then we went inside. Once again I attacked our bedroom closets and compiled about 5 bags of clothes and other items to go to the mission. We worked in the office, cleaning out old bills and receipts and rearranging things so that we can fit a third person into our home! Overall I'd say it was a very productive weekend!!!

This past week I took it fairly easy. My boss was very concerned after last weekends events so I worked a shortened week, it was glorious. I cannot wait until I can go down to part time. Baby girl is moving so much now and this weekend was the first time that Tim and I could actually identify body parts poking out of my belly. It was amazing. Baby is the length of a cucumber this week and weighs about two pounds. All of her senses are developed and she can hear us quite clearly when we speak.

In Mommy News:
I am still growing and getting quite uncomfortable along the way. Between getting up multiple times to use the bathroom and the great effort it takes to roll over, sleeping is not going so well. Last night however I slept all through the night. I'd been praying for just one night of restful sleep and I definitely got it!

I noticed today that we are in the double digits - only 96 days until my due date... HOLY SMOKES! I feel like it was just yesterday when we started telling people we were expecting and now there are only 13 weeks left to this pregnancy. Only a little while longer until we can hold our precious little girl!

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imeson said...

Wow you are crazy! Can't wait to see the new baby. I haven't even seen you in forever!


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Anonymous said...

Grandma and grandpa are getting anxious to hold little A too!

Time is going fast! I better get sewing. Have a great week.