Friday, November 6, 2009

Birthday Party and Other News!

The week of Amelia's birthday party we found out that we are having another GIRL! It was so fun to be able to get some pictures of our new little one to compare with our ultrasound pictures of Amelia. We'll see how alike they are come March!

Amelia woke up on her birthday not in a very good mood, runny nose, cough etc. Our first cold of the season. She has since proceeded to pass it on to mom and dad!

We had all of our family over for her party and Amelia loved the attention, and even though she had had a busy day (drs appt with four shots, family pictures, dinner out AND not feeling well) she did really well!

"Helping daddy open her present from Grandma, play food and some pretty dresses!

Her new dolly from Chris and Dr. Smith, it has eyes that close when you lay it down and open when she sits up, Amelia thinks they are just amazing!

The cow cake R.I.P. after getting it all together it lost an ear and it's face :( It still tasted just as good and Amelia didn't notice one bit!

My neat child. She ate the whole peace of cake without making too much of a mess. Actually her cousins who are older than her came away from the party messier than she was!

Tim and I cannot believe she's a year old already. It doesn't seem real. She changed so much, she's starting to talk and is very interactive with her "friends" but is still very much a mommy's girl!

Okay, I think I've caught you up now. I'll try my hardest to keep all of you up to date a little more regularly!
Until next time...

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