Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summertime Fun

It's been an exciting summer so far. Trips to the pool, friends from Russia, trips to Shipshewana and the 4th of July (also Amelia's 8 month "birthday").

Pool Party
My parents have a pool so we spend lots of time there in the summer! We weren't sure if she'd like the water but once we got her in, she loved it. (she's not a fan of having to wear sunscreen...must take after her grandpa!)

All ready to swim

Practicing her standing with Grandma's help

Waiting to get in!

OOOOOh that's cold on my feet!

Swimming with Grandpa

Loving the water! Thankfully my parents are pretty close! We go swimming a few times a week! I think this girl is going to be a fish like her mommy!

4th of July
We went to the Grandville parade on the 4th. We weren't sure how she'd do with the noise, but like everything else, she did just fine.

Playing with daddy before the parade

Her famous face, the sun was a little bright (the only time all day, otherwise it was pretty rainy)

YAY! I'm 8 months old! Showing off her pretty dress to grandma and grandpa!

I have lots more pictures coming that I need to upload so stay tuned! Hope you are having a wonderful summer!
Until next time...

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