Friday, July 10, 2009

Fun With Auntie Mere!

Today we went to Aunti Mere's house. We had lunch and enjoyed some girl time. We even helped her with the laundry! Amelia always enjoys her time with Aunt Meredith! Here's some pictures from our fun afternoon!


Getting around fast! Excuse the baby cleavage!

"Aunt Mere, would you puh-lease put the camera away!"

Lunch time at Auntie Merediths! She made a mess, that poor dining room table will never be the same!

Then Amelia helped fold some laundry. She got a little distracted with the socks!

She was loving this, until she tried to crawl away with the socks on, they really slowed her down!

This is what happened when we took the socks away. What can a say, she just loves clothes, especially socks!

That's all, just a quick one for tonight. I'm trying to stay on top of this now!
Until next time...

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