Friday, July 11, 2008


Our little girl is VERY active to say the least, she's constantly kicking at me and doing all sorts of wild gymnastics. This week though I experienced what I assumed were just "rhythmic gymnastics." Apparently not. As it turns out it was the hiccups. They went on and on for a good part of the day, in perfect rhythm too. I could feel them from my throat all the way down through my belly. Talk about an odd sensation!

At 23 weeks we have only 4 months left!!! This week our little girl is the size of a small doll. Roughly about one pound and about 11 inches long. Her movements are getting to be more pronounced and I notice my belly bouncing even more now! She is especially active at night but reading to her seems to calm her down some.

The changing table has had it's second coat of paint and will be moved into the nursery when we get back from vacation. Things are really starting to come together. All we need now is a dresser and a bookshelf and we'll be all set!

Even more exciting than all of that is that Tim has found a job!!! We've been waiting for over a year for such a great opportunity and God has blessed us so much - it was worth the wait. The best part is that it will enable me to take as much time off when the baby is born as I need to. For that I am very thankful, and I know Tim is thankful that he isn't stuck at home all day anymore doing the laundry and the dishes!

In mommy news...
not much has changed since last week. The line on my belly has gotten darker, and my belly has gotten bigger. That in and of itself makes rolling out of bed quite a challenge (and according to Tim - quite humorous) - and by rolling I mean literally ROLLING! I've started to notice a little swelling at my ankles at the end of the day, nothing that a few hours with my feet up can't take care of. I'm just trying to get plenty of fluids and stay cool in this heat!

We head out tomorrow for a week of vacation - with no air conditioning... pray for me! Needless to say I'm sure this next week will be the hottest one of the summer as it is notorious for that! It will be enjoyable to get away either way, but I'm hoping for some cooler weather!

Until next time!

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