Thursday, May 22, 2008

We Know You're There!

This week has been somewhat busy in the baby world! On Monday I went to the ER for severe stomach pain that I'd been having for a week or so. Once we were checked in my doctor came in to do an ultrasound (looking for gallstones) and we got a wonderful surprise. We got to see little Wasabi for the first time! Obviously the doctor didn't point out any details to us because he wasn't looking for the baby, but for stones, but at this point in the game, there is no mistaking a baby! The heart was beating nice and strong and it was moving around like crazy! Such an amazing experience! Now I really can't wait for our big ultrasound in a few weeks! The doctor didn't find any gallstones (thank goodness because Dr. Smith is out of the country for 2 weeks). He thinks I just have a sensitive tummy during pregnancy so I have to take a Pepcid before I eat and sleep with two pillows under my head. So thankful that it's not my gallbladder... I did NOT want to have to have surgery!

I'll be 16 weeks tomorrow and I'm still feeling really good. Wasabi is the size of an Avocado this week, and has developed toe nails! The circulatory system is in full working order this week which is pumping Wasabi's blood through his/her entire body!

People are starting to notice that I'm pregnant. Even the bag boy at the grocery store could tell, he offered to carry my groceries to the car for me! Maternity pants are WONDERFUL! I have been living in my maternity jeans and they are so much more comfy than my regular jeans! I'm sure in a few months I'll want my regular pants back but for now these are quite comfy! I've also been sleeping a lot better (most nights anyway), which helps my energy level a ton. My sciatic nerve is bothering me more than ever now, which my doctor warned me about, but hopefully in 8-10 weeks it will subside for the most part!

This weekend is Memorial Day and we are taking Wasabi on his first in-utero road trip! We are headed to Minnesota to visit Tim's brother and his family! It will probably be the last time we make it out there for a while, at least until after Wasabi is born!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be safe! Until next week...

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Christina said...

Glad everything is OK! How exciting for you to see Baby Gates for the first time and have a good trip!