Friday, May 16, 2008

How big is an Apple?

This week (15) baby G is the size of an Apple. To me that is a little vague, being that apples range in size. But he/she is weighing about 2.5 ounces. Baby is still growing strong, this week his/her legs are finally longer that the arms and all of the joints are working!

We have our big ultrasound scheduled for 4 weeks from now, right before my birthday. Tim and I have decided that we will be finding out the gender. We've been going back and forth about whether or not to and we've decided that I'm too much of a planner to not know for another 5 months!

In mommy news, not a whole lot has changed. Yesterday I had my workout clothes on and I felt like I finally had a noticeable bump (as opposed to just looking fat, which is what I've looked like for the past 2 months or so)! I'm sure people walking by me don't notice but those who know me can tell that I have indeed begun to show!

My mom and I are starting to work this week on the bedding for the nursery and the cushions for the rocking chair! I feel like things are starting to really feel real.

Baby's Name:
Because it gets annoying always saying he/she, or him/her etc, from here on out the baby will be known as Wasabi! That's what Tim refers to it at home so for now, until we know what we are having that will be easier! Why Wasabi you may ask... (or you may not, but I'm going to tell you anyway)

...during the first part of my pregnancy Tim found these Wasabi Peas at Meijer, he bought a can of them and needless to say over the next couple of weeks we went through a lot of Wasabi peas. I ate so many that I developed an allergic reaction to them and ended up having to go to the doctor for it. It was devastating as that was the only thing that sounded good. So Tim dubbed our baby Wasabi because of mommy's love for Wasabi Peas!

Until Next Week!

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Racine said...

Cute story about the peas..and cute baby alias! We had to find out the gender too, and so glad we did! It seems to make the wait for baby a little easier.