Friday, June 13, 2008

I Know You're There!

This week has been a busy one lots has happened since last week! 19 weeks today, almost halfway there!

Wasabi is the size of a large tomato this week weighing about 7 ounces and about 6 inches long! This week his/her senses are being developed (smell, hearing etc). The books say that Wasabi can hear us now so we should be talking, reading, singing etc to my belly. It's slightly odd talking to your stomach though!
Exciting news:
#1. We got our crib this week! We ordered it on Saturday and it was at our house on Wednesday. It only took an hour to set up (an hour that I never want to relive) and looks wonderful in our "nursery!"

Side view and Front view! I couldn't just leave it empty so I put a blanket and a couple stuffed animals in there! We found one we liked at Babies R Us but they discontinued it in white, so we went to JCPenney and found this one and we just love it! We cannot wait to put our new baby in it!
#2. I know the baby's in there! I felt movement for the first time at church on Sunday. It was such an odd sensation. At first I thought I was getting sick but then after I kept feeling it for a couple days I knew it was more than that! If you've ever held a bag of water with a goldfish swimming around you've probably felt what I'm feeling (just not in your stomach)! It feels like a little fish is swimming around in there. Sometimes it makes me a little nauseous but I don't mind!
In mommy news, nothing too exciting to report. I'm getting bigger every day, or so it seems. My doctor told me that from this point on I'm going to grow a lot faster (joy)! I can already tell that I'm growing because my lower abdomen is sore, especially when I move quickly. My sciatic nerve is still bothering me but I've found that walking really helps. And sleeping with lots of pillows helps take the pressure off my back as well although it doesn't leave much room for Tim in the bed! I'm measuring 16cm, which, according to my best nurse friend, is PERFECT for this point in pregnancy (thanks Mere)!
Only 7 days until our big ultrasound!!! Don't forget to vote for what you think baby Wasabi is going to be! I'll update here after our appointment next Friday (but it's not until 3:30pm so you'll have to be patient!)!
Until next time...


Keri said...

Thanks for the goldfish comparison. As one who as never been pregnant, I've wondered what it feels like when women say they start to feel flutters. The comparison to the goldfish makes sense to me.

Love the new crib!

Christina said...

Love the crib!

Racine said...

Thanks! Have fun registering! We were at the store for like four hours that day, but it was a blast! We got our carseat from an internet retailer, They have some great deals if you're looking for something more high end but don't want to break the bank. And the stroller that matched went out of stock there so we found that on ebay. Don't know if you've settled on a brand yet, but a friend of ours buys and sells strollers and said Peg Perego is the best brand she's come accross. Happy shopping!

Racine said...

Oh btw, great crib! And I hope your little one cooperates for you tomorrow!